Eating Cornstarch

I have now turned 2 eating cornstarch its cheaper and taste about the same! i still crave the Johnsons baby powder w/ pure cornstrach but i buy this instead.. My cravings have gotten really bad.. I plan on goin 2 the doctors and seeing wats goin on with me so my cravings can stop
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i like eating it crunchy and dry, the best way is to add alittle water, and let it air dry for about four days, omg its so good and crunchy and powdery all at the same time.

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron infusion treatments over a period of time. The problem is, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions (about 10) your desire for cornstarch will be gone

that is your response on every post I think people know that. repeating the same comment is no way of helping.

If you eat cornstarch you might like the crisp clean taste of Georgia White Dirt
I eat dirt and I love it.
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White Dirt/Clay does not make you gain weight like cornstarch and flour.
As a matter of fact clay has been proven to help you maintain and loose weight.

I've eaten baby powder and chalk but cornstarch is definitely my favorite

I love corn starch I eat starch all day even at work been eating starch for 5 years straight and I dont gain wieght....

I wish I didn't gain weight from it. It keeps me bloated all the time. I wish I could stop

Girl, i can't stop eating it either and my family recommended me to see a doctor's but it's so freaking addictive. i also started on eating flour,johnson baby powder w/pure cornstarch ,and finally i turned to eating cornstarch the argo kind. it's so go it melts like fine cotton candy in my mouth and my mouth waters as i talk about it to!.:)