Two Years In The Making

i started eating cornstarch two years ago to the month (september, 2009) as a "sane & safe" alternative to my craving for dirt & other potentially harmful items like (drywall) joint compound, baby powder, & chalk/chalk dust. my craving for these soft, silky-smooth, powdery items was strong yet dangerous, so i couldn't allow myself to continue toying with the idea of ingesting them. not long after, as i prepared a meal in my kitchen, i reached into the spice cabinet & caught a glimps of a 12 oz. container of rumford cornstarch--immediately, a lightbulb came on in my head! since cornstarch is technically a food item, i got the idea to give it a taste. i've been addicted ever since!

initially, i would savor the feeling & taste of consecutive spoonfuls of cornstarch dissolving in my mouth. then, i got creative: i began dipping ritz crackers (the original flavor) in it, eventually downing an entire roll of cornstarch-coated crackers at any given time. soon, i modified my snack of choice from original to wheat ritz crackers (sometimes with a sliver of havarti cheese on top), or i would dunk an oreo cookie in the container--getting it nice & fully coated--before scooping out a large amount of cornstarch on top of the oreo to devour. snacking was now my favorite meal. i found that i was getting bored with eating cornstarch the same way, so i evolved from simply eating cornstarch by the spoonfuls to eating it with some of my favorite foods including bananas, sliced apples, peach cobbler & other desserts, tortilla chips, potato chips, cheese curls, chicken tenders, french fries, mozerella sticks, granola bars, roasted almonds or mixed nuts, krispy kreme donuts, chocolate chip or oatmeal-raisin cookies--mostly snack, dessert, & junk food items--all the while washing it down with something bubbly (ice-cold beer, cola, ginger ale) or caffienated (regular or iced coffee, hot tea). i'm not even a big fan of soda pop nor coffee, but they go very well with starchy food. 

it turned out that the rumford brand wasn't easy to come by in the south, so i experimented with different brands including argo, which, for the record, i HATED when i first tried it. i settled for the walmart great value brand for several months before developing a taste for argo, which is now my brand of choice.

for the most part, i ate cornstarch only in the comfort of my home or in the presence of friends & family who knew i ate it. to say the least, it became an embarrassing habit that i was definitely not proud of. like any other addictive habit, i've tried quitting on many occasions in the past couple years without success. prior to & along with my cornstarch addiction, i also can't seem to get enough crushed ice in my system. in an effort to kick the habit, i tried to replace cornstarch with crushed ice but they sort of go hand-in-hand. in recent months, i've tried taking multivitamins, prescription iron pills, even meditation/prayer/self control, exercise, & yoga--all of which merely ward-off my appetite for cornstarch for a week or two (two months at best in one case).

as much as i LOOOOOVE my cornstarch addiction, i know it isn't good for me because there have been times when i ate so much of it that i didn't have room in my stomach for a real, balanced meal. i also know that i tend to eat it when i'm stressed, happy, sad...even when i'm sexually turned on. so, it seems to me that my reason(s) for eating cornstarch is more psycho-emotional than nutritional or anything else. i've heard people remark that they've gained a tremendous amount of weight as a result of eating cornstarch. i can see that taking place with me. i've always been the slender, atheletic type, & for the most part, i still am, except my stomach is no longer flat. it also bothers me to know that my uterine fibroids have enlarged in the past two years (i'm not convinced this is pure coincidence), & i've become accustomed to nausea & headaches when i eat a larger-than-normal amount of cornstarch. at the end of the day, my health is more important than my addiction. i'm at the point where i'm going to seek counseling & other alternative treatment in order to kick my addiction.

if any of you are in the same fed-up-with-cornstarch-addition boat as i am, or have found a way to stop eating cornstarch, i'd love to hear from you.

much success to all of us in dealing with this eating disorder.
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9 Responses Sep 11, 2011

Oh my! !! I am glad to know that I am not the only one clay dirt use to be my favorite. But I guess corn stratch is better I use to live in Arkansas but moved to oklhoma. Anyway I can't get the clay dirt so I have to settle for what is not h harmful. To me haven't gain but 90 pound from it actually it help me with my weight oh well I an go on for days bragging about it but anyway glad to know I am not alone😄😃😁😌😊

I have been eating Argo Corn Starch ever since I found out that my daughter's father was married. I got with him in 2002 knowing he had a girlfriend of 10 years and two kids but I was in my 30's and wanted a child. So, I got pregnant within the first year of our private relationship but now they are now happily married for the past 10 years and I'm still single and addicted to corn starch. Everytime he picks my child up I go and eat a whole container of the good stuff. I need help

I hv been eating Argo starch since a lil girl because my mom ate it....I went from a scoop here and there to a box every other day and I am 28 now.....I hv lost 6 teeth at 24 Y.o.....and dread hving to get about 4 more taken... I'm tired and exhausted most the time and no many times I try to quit...I can't...I'm currently taking iron supplements... But I still crave the powdery goodness....I need help

I've been eating cornstarch for about a year I started off eating baby powder and learned that the habit could be dangerous. So I turned to cornstarch and haven't been able to stop since.i had been eating about 1 box a week ,I would chew it then spit it out I just liked the way it felt between my teeth. I was so addicting that my mouth was watering with just. the thought. I gave put on about ten pounds and I'm severely anemic so I'm not sure which came first the anemia which led to the cornstarch cravings or was it the cornstarch that led to the anemia to make a long story short this is a daily struggle.

I been eating starch since I was 14 I'm 34 now and I can't eat anything but Argo and when I can't have it my body goes threw a detox period till I get it again I look at the bottom of the container at the number to know if its a new ship ment and I microwave it to make chunks I'm so addicted I want to stop but I can't I need help.

I need help as well. I have mastered the technique of making big crunchy dry starch balls...i think i might be the best at it, i need helo. Its not. Fun anymore, its scarey!!

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron treatments over a period of time. The problem I, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions your desire for cornstarch will be gone.

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yes i am so addicated to cornstarch its no joke im only 18 and i have been eating itr since i was like mom and her sister got me addicted to it and i cant stop even though my mom did.i crave argo starch 24 seven and catch attidues when i dont have it i say imma quit all the time but i never do,i am animec so there for i crave alot of ice as well and my iron is so low my stomach has got a little bigger but im still skinny and loving my size and no i was never pregnant.immma quit soon im toyoung to be having health problems bye:) starch lovers

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron infusion treatments over a period of time. The problem is, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions (about 10) your desire for cornstarch will be gone.