This Is A Mess

I eat Argo cornstarch all day everyday, I take in on container per day and I get upset when im don with it. I started 8 years ago durring pregnancy and i would stop and when i get pregnant again i crave it. this time is different i cant stop eating it.
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2011

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron treatments over a period of time. The problem I, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions your desire for cornstarch will be gone.

If you eat cornstarch you might like the crisp clean taste of Georgia White Dirt
I eat dirt and I love it.
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White Dirt/Clay does not make you gain weight like cornstarch and flour.
As a matter of fact clay has been proven to help you maintain and loose weight.

i eat it when i'm stressed.!!