Argo Or Bust

I love chewing argo cornstarch.   "I was introduced to it by a co-worker with my 3rd child in 1999.   It had a wonderful crunchy taste the best thing i ever tasted.   Made my mouth water.   I chew not swallow after it gets wet and moist i spit it out.   i will chew a whole container throughout the day.  problem is I won't eat anything else.
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2012

If you eat cornstarch you might like the crisp clean taste of Georgia White Dirt
I eat dirt and I love it.
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White Dirt/Clay does not make you gain weight like cornstarch and flour.
As a matter of fact clay has been proven to help you maintain and loose weight.

I understand how you feel. I keep telling myself that this container id my last, but each timee it gets low I convince myself to buy another. I to only chew it. I sometimes want to swallow it but I know that it isnt good for me. It is an embarassing habit that I hide. I know that I need help to stop. I dont smoke, drink, or abuse drugs. So you ask, how in the heck did I get addicted to such a crazy thing. Im not sure really, I am anemic and I am aware that has alot to do with it. I also believe its emotional. Its crazy.