My Cornstarch Addiction

I've been addicted to cornstarch for more than 20 years! The longest that I've gone without it was about a year because I was pregnant and didn't know if it would harm my baby. It seems to comfort me when I'm feeling sad and stressed. I usually eat a box a day and suck it through a straw. It is so embarrassing therefore I hide it and my fiance had no idea. I've gained a lot of weight and I believe that it has contributed to my teeth being damaged. I have very low iron and I know thats the reason for my cravings. It's like a cigarette to me. I like to drink soda with it. It had gotten so bad that I'd rather stay home and be alone just so I can enjoy my starch. This behavior is the same as a drug addict thats tying to hide their addiction.
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2012

I am also addicted to cornstarch, I have been eating it for 20 yrs.My doctor says to take iron to help me with my cravings but I don't want to stop eating it. After a hard day I go into my dark closet sit on the floor put a HUGE spoonful of starch in my mouth and inhale gain fabric softener sheets(original scent) that combination is the best

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron treatments over a period of time. The problem I, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions your desire for cornstarch will be gone.

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