Cornstarch Is My Addiction

I started eating cornstarch at a young age my mother used to feed it to me and my siblings now I'm the only one that still have a taste for it my mom and my brother and sister stopped I used to eat a box or container every day until I was hospitalized now I only eat a box our container every week Argo in the container is my least favorite I am now stuck on Karlin's Finest Cornstarch at Dollar General it's so delicious I love the cornstarch that is powdery,lumpy, and sweet at the end of every spoon I eat mine with a spoon and when I'm done with all the cornstarch in the white paperbag that the cornstarch is in,in the box I take the bag out and eat the cornstarch that's left at the bottom of the box I have tried so many cornstarch brands Maizena,Argo,Hogdson Mill,Karlin's Finest, Clover Valley, Clabber Girl, The Walmart, Kroger, and Save @lot brands what ever kind I could find I'll eat it it's crazy that I can tell if the cornstarch is gritty or powdery just by squeezing the container or box I hate the gritty kind and what's even more crazy is I can also tell by the lighting in the store crazy right if the store has a lot of light in it the Argo cornstarch in the container will be gritty but if the lighting in the store is a little dim the Argo cornstarch will be powdery and lumpy I also eat Argo laundry starch I started eating that because I seen a woman on YouTube saying it was delicious so I purchased me a box of it and it was delicious its sweet, powdery, and it taste exactly like it's for clothes because it is I have tried the rock form to the store that sales it is not far away at all I love the rock form kind so much better than the powdery kind well I know this is very long but I just wanted to share my experience with you all
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I refer Birds custard powder. So far Ive eaten 50 cans (yes, I count them). I even have a big plastic box under my bed where I go to the grocery store, buy about 10 at a time and pour it in. Then late in the night, I sit down on my bed and much away. I finish it in less than a week. I have stopped eating regular foods most of the time because it doesn't taste as good and I only eat birds custard powder.
If im looking for more volume, I mix it with Argo cornstarch.

I've been eating it all my life and my grandmother use to eat it when it came in the burgundy box in chunks, that was my favorite.. I probably eat 3 argo containers a week now. I tried stopping but can't.

Omg cream is my favorite ! Making the corn starch chunks !! But I only eat it every two -three weeks because I'm super craving it , then when I get it I'll eat the whole entire box in two days . To control my temptation I'll watch YouTube videos of others eating it and pretend that I'm chewing some too . lol it helps even though IK it sounds super weird and creepy . My pica item used to be ice , now it's corn starch .

Omg me too.but my favorite is the laundry starch . i hate the one in the container it tastes like flour

Did this habit increase in pregnancy? It is considered an unhealthy craving then. It seems to me that baking something yummy that contains cornstarch would be a healthier way to enjoy this item. I'll just stick to salted almonds. :-) they're good for you, reasonable quantities. I wish you good health

I know the feeling, I sit in my dark closet put a HUGE spoonful of cornstarch in my mouth and inhale gain fabric softener sheets(original scent) while I enjoy that wonderful mouth watering powdered crunch OMG!!!!!

I use to do that i even went as far as pouring gain in a cup...then pouring argo laundry starch in a ziploc bag and sittin it in the cup but it could be messy now i fold gain dryers sheets and just stick them in box for a day or two....gosh it taste just like the way it smells

I am 25 years old and have been eating cornstarch on and off for the last 5 years. (I was a original flour eater lol) However I don't think that eating cornstarch causes anemia or maybe because I started out as anemic but it hasn't gotten any worse or better from what it use to be. But I only eat the argo brand I'll eat a box in a week in a half. but I only crave it when I see powdery stuff or I want to control my emotions such as anger and hormones etc. but for some reason I think it's the only thing keeping me ultimately slim after 3 babies later I'm only 153 lbs and I'm 5''10. I use to weigh 180 in 2009 and haven't been that size since I started.

hmm, my Dollar General here in Nc doesnt carry that brand, but would love to try it. clabber girl is my least favorite. as far as the weight thing i do think it has helped me lose weight as well. i snack on it, instead of candy and donuts! my weight has been maintained as well!..i love to take a spoon full, then wash it dien with milk!

I wish I could find the rock form. Loved it as a child but can't find it anymore in my city.

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron treatments over a period of time. The problem I, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions your desire for cornstarch will be gone.

I have been eating cornstarch for 19 years ! I tried hodgens mill Argo in the box never could eat the one in container. Clabber girl in can that was nasty! Cream cornstarch and Walmart brand. I loved Argo in box and my favorite is mazeina right now! A box will last for 3 weeks at the most. My 21 daughter eats it her box last 2 maybe 3 days I wish I never gave it to her as a child she can't stop eating it!

You have Pica. Go to your primary care physician and he/she will send you to a hematologist who will give you iron treatments over a period of time. The problem I, you are severely anemic. So was I. after a series of infusions your desire for cornstarch will be gone.

Uh-Clabber Girl in the can is the absolute BEST! I first tried it when my supermarket was all out of Argo. When I first tasted it, I admitted that I didn\'t like it but after a few \'servings\' it tasted really, really good and I LOVE IT. It has a nice corn taste to it that I am now totally hooked on.

The funny thing is that C.G. has changed the seal on the can-it used to be metal and now it\'s doesn\'t taste as good with the foil seal-it\'s like some of the corn taste has escaped or something. By chance, I bought a can at another store and to my delight when I took off the plastic lid it has one of the old metal seals and the good taste I remember! That store obviously still had some of the old stock with the old seals so I plan on going there and buying up ALL of their stock with the delicious corn taste I love!

BTW-an added bonys with C.G. is that it has added calcium so I feel like I\'m doing myself some good by eating it!

*bonus (typo)