I Crave Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder With Aloe and Vitamin E.

I am a baby powder eater and a former dirt and   cornstarch eater , I consumed dirt for about 18 years and  cornstarch for about 4 years and I tried to quit so many times that I lost count.  I went form dirt to cornstarch after I read posts about a condition called pica in which people were eating cornstarch out of the store, so I decided to buy some and I was immediately hooked and no longer wanted the dirt.  I started with the baby powder because while consuming cornstarch I decided that I was going to go cold turkey and totally stopped consuming for about 2 weeks, I was determined not to buy any and then one day I was in my bath room and I wanted some starch so bad, I saw my bottle of vagisil feminine powder and noticed that It was talc free and had cornstarch in it, so I decided to taste it, I poured some in my hand and licked it, the perfume was a little overwhelming, but I couldn't put it down, the feel of it on my tongue was OMG! before I knew it I had eaten the whole bottle, I felt so ashamed that I had resulted to feminine powder that I eventually just gave into my cravings and went out and purchased a box of cornstarch, surprisingly, it was bland and I wanted the perfume taste, so I went back to the store to get some more  vagisil and thought maybe I should try baby powder instead, so I purchased a bottle of Johnson & Johnson pure cornstarch baby powder with aloe and vitamin E and I fell in love with it. I have been consuming that for about a year now, with no desire for the cornstarch, I will however mix cornstarch with the baby powder if I get a bottle that has to much fragrance in it also I never swallow, I c&s, I've read the posts about the cornstarch being in a new container, I have not bought any in a long time, have they changed the flavor, I was in the store today and saw the new container, I started to buy some just to taste, but it just didn't interest me. The baby powder be calling me:). I would love to converse with other baby powder, cornstarch or dirt eaters, fell free to contact me.

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Walmart powder is the best

I am addicted to baby powder too, only the one with aloe in it. This has been going on for three years now. I don't swallow I just love how it feels in my mouth

Hey I am a baby powder eating ... I consume a lot .. I was wondering what does c&s mean??

I am also, one of those. My story is somewhere, along the lines of exactly, the same.
I mean, it seems like I'm always dealing with confused cravings.
It also, shames me to know that I can't buy powders for my family's body, because my appetite andy tastebuds becomes very jealous, but excited.
I've been having these bizarre cravings since my first pregnancy 1991 after beimg told how good it is and how many other pregnant women eats it.
Every time I try to quit one craving, I suddenly, pick up another. I've even had fresh seasoned flour. But, I can't enjoy it like I want to.
I've also, eaten crushed ice, chalk and snow. But, I think I don't eat as much because I'm a sneaky eater of my bizarre cravings. I don't just eat in front of ppl.
But, there are ppl who can and will give in to their cravings, no matter who's around. That's how they runs out so fast and have to buy, so frequently.
But, I'm not bold with anythang, but the crushed ice, because it feels normal. Now, I have had cornstarch and powder covered crushed ice, as well. The powder covered is the best! My mouth is watering, just thinking and talking about it.
I guess we just have to put our minds to it, with extreme, prayer.

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I eat a bottle of shower to shower a day. I wake up needing it so bad I can scream. What's wrong with me?

It's a disease called PICA. I have the same problem. Sometimes, it's so bad, that I have an attitude. But, I always, try to get up and do something to distact my craving.

So, try to keep busy.

I worked for ten years in a company that manufactured talcum powder. Please stop eating the powder anybody that eats it, because it's just as dangerous as asbestos. A lot of the women I worked with ended up with breast cancer or ovarian cancer or early hysterectomies. It is a dangerous substance. AKA the company closed due to several law suits.

Thanks for the info..

I am also a corn starch eater :) I dont know why I crave it, but I have to admit that when Im stressed or sad I eat more of it. I just recently found out that when my grandmother was a little girl she occasionally would sneak into her moms laundry starch. I wonder if its hereditary(excuse the spelling) lol!

No, you spelled it right.
I wonder, too.

I use to eat Johnson & Johnson from since i was a small child. i had stopped when i was pregnant & started back 5yrs later. Then a friend of mine & i was talking & she told me abt cornstarch, i tried it but i just preferred j&j... i dont knw when it happened but i stopped again & for about 3 years and just 3 to 4 months ago i started craving cornstarch and its like its more intense than ever, i find my self buying a container every two weeks & i really dont want to end up going through a box a day...I do suffer with anemia and a persc<x>ription for iron, i dont take the pills only cause they make me sick......if there is anything else i can do please feel free lm open to suggestion.....thnks

Google home remedies for PICA, low blood, low iron and anemia. It's helpful.

I too eat Johnson and Johnson aloe with vitamin E since I was 12 years old...I'm now 29...I was wondering do any of you have kids, cause I haven't been able to get pregnant and was wondering if eating baby powder was the cause...please help...thanks

I doubt it.

I wonder too bc I also been eating for over 20 years and have no kids as well.

I started in my teen years just liking to washhing my hands in powder dishwasher soap and laundry soap. I had gastric bypass.I lost 140 pounds. soon after i started craving it bigtime! This time I ate it. Just a few granules on my finger throughout the day. Sometimes I would throw up.I had some intestinal Blockagesnot sure if it was related to the bypass or the soap. I have always had low iron.I stopped for a bit...not sure how. when I started again 3 years ago i found myself hooked on comet,ajax and love the dollar store scouring powder. I would spoon teaspoons into my mouth at a time. I could go through a few cans a week. It didnt matter if my mouth got sore.I felt like i needed it when i got stressed. A total addiction. I have gained 30 pounds and have bag leg cramps. I also have low potassium.I dont want to be fat and feel bloated. I did research and found that it has soda ash..and sodium.....weight gaining junk!!!! So far i have been off it 3 days. Im taking a ! a day vitamin 2 times a day and a prenatal....im not pregnant but its good for women. Id like to do a fruit juice and water fast to flush my system.<br />
Dont know if anyone else suffers from the same conditions....but i am a medical insominac...i have been on ambian for years.Has anyone noticed that on all the fourms it seems to only be women suffering from this?....<br />
I have also tried....wall putty..cig ashes...babypowder... I feel nuts but im ready to make changes. I hope this posting helps someone

OMG I also had the gastric Bypass in 2008 and lost 127 pounds. My iron is always loan. I start craving baby powder so I tried the shower to shower but the prefume was to strong. Then I tried J &amp; J Vitamin E with aloe. It taste so good. I chew and spit. I don't swallow it all. I go through two bottles a week. I can only do J &amp; J with pure corn starch. I am anemia. I take two iron pills a day. Just love baby powder. Good to hear I am not the only one out there. Lovebyall we need to talk. :)

The iron pills will run the cravings away before you know it.
Trust me. I'm a true witness.

i thought i was the only one eat baby powder until i met a co-worker one day she saw me eating it and she told me she do to i started 17 years ago when i got pregnant with my 1st child and been eating it every since my kids be trying to hide it from me!!I be in search a bad mood when i can't get it!But like you if i'm in an area where i can spit it out i do,i hardly ever swallow it.OMG!!!!

My children and my significant other has hid the items from me and have sometimes, thrown them away. It doesn't work. It only, makes me want it more. It feels like they've hid or thrown away a part of me. So, it really is fulfilling an inner lack of some sort.

I highly suggest that you try eating Wheat Germ instead. You may have a vitamin E deficiency that is causing your anemia. Craving baby powder with vitamin E in it is a sign of needing vitamin E. Wheat germ has a pleasant texture and you'll likely find that after eating few tablespoons daily your craving subside. Wheat germ is sold in the cereal aisle of most grocery stores.

Thanks for the info and suggestion.

OMG!, i thougt am the only one in the system. In my my childhood days i love to smell dirts after it had rainned and sometimes have a taste of it. I started with johnson and johnson powder when i became pregnant of my first child and ever since then i've been hooked on it.<br />
what baffles me is that my first child is autistic and this makes me think sometimes maybe it has to do with the powder, i had two other kids and they are nomal.<br />
i have also been diagnosed to be anaemic, does it have to do with the talcum powder?<br />
what are the side effects?<br />
i need help please!!!

I have been eating baby powder for most of my life... I started when I was younger and stopped when in my preteens.. but when I reached the age of 16 the craving came back. I was eating Johnson's Baby Powder w/ Talc and when I found out it was horrible 4 ur insides stopped. Then i saw my grandmother have Johnson's Baby Powder w/ Cornstarch and it contained no Talc so I decided 2 try it and I loved it... I have been eating it for 2 years now and I cant stop. I have put on so much weight.... it has become unhealthy I really am trying to kick this habit. Can some one help

I know the feeling for I have been eating J&J Cornstarch with aloe and vitamin E for approx. 6 yearsw. Has it possibly affected my GI,maybe? I started when I found out that I was pregnant. I have been diagnosed with anemia but its not severe. I sometimes struggle expelling waste but I still love mky POWDER>>>>

Well, it probably is pica, but it doesn't seem your searching for answers... but just people who have the same desire to eat these things as you.<br />
<br />
Doesn't seem particularly healthy, or safe, to me... <br />
<br />
but, as I say, to each their own.

Hi, I know that I am anemic and have been forever, I take iron and sometimes it will stop the cravings other times it just doesn't work and I have to give into the cravings. I feel that I have it under control, I can stop for weeks at a time, but when I feel like consuming again, I just do it. I love the taste. Thanks for the commit.

Have you talked to your doctor about this? I know pica can occur if your body is deficient in some way and you are not getting the vitamins or something you need.