I Loveeee Baby Powder..

i eat baby powder all day lonq. even in the shower or on the toilet. i cant go seconds without in my mouth. i crave it so bad, that i dnt eat regular food ne more. i eat baby powder with cornstarch aloe and vitamin e for breakfast lunch and dinner. it taste better wen its cold too. ;). i cant help that i eat it so much bt it feels my stomach up, so i dont have the appetite for ne thing else. wen i dont have ant money and i realy want sum i just go steal it from family dollar or cvs. it gets so bad that i will eat it off the floor if i spill some. if i dont have ne baby powder i will be depressed. it kepps me sustained. i would love to cnversate with any other baby powder cornstarch eaters. feel free to contact me.

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I only eat that kind

i was the same as you but then i ended up in hospital for other reasons where they found my blood count was 5 instead of anything between 11-16. After introvenous iron treatment i never craved ever again. I almost miss it but then i realise how foolish i was putting myself at health risks, possible social embarassment, personal concern for the strange addiction etc. Get your iron checked and stay well barbie, then you can use powder for the reasons that most people without pica(if you dont know what that is google it ) do :P p.s i still love the smell ^^

I love baby powder too it tastes like delicios steak almost !!

Hi Barbie, I use to crave baby powder really bad, I would eat a container every two days. I also like J & J cornstarch with aloe & Vitamine E. When I was in the stores I would go down the isle just to sniff it. I found out I was anemic and was prescribed iron pills. I have since stopped craving. I even go down the isle in the store to sniff and it does nothing for me. You should consult a doctor so that you can get some help. Eating the powder is not good for you.

That doesn't sound too healthy. Talcum powder has been linked to cervical cancer in women.

Try substituting Confectioners sugar! You can find it in the baking aisle near the regular sugar. You can sift a little cornstarch into it too. And then please, anonymously call a mental health hotline so they can talk to you about the dangers of talc to the human body.

Barbie, I'm sure you are probably aware of this, but you are dealing with Pica. You don't have to live like that. Please consider getting help. You are young and should be enjoying a healthy life.

That would be quite entertaining to watch. All that powder being puffed about as you chew. How about regular cornstarch? It's probably less expensive.

Noting funny about this please. U rude!