I Also Simulate Performing ******** With Them

I know it was bad of me. Utterly and completely inappropriate.  The young men should not have been exposed to such depravity.  But I could not resist.  When one of the actors gave me a banana, I slowly peeled it.  The young men watched, rapt.  I licked my lips seductively.

Then I swirled my tongue around the top of the potassium-laden fruit.  A few of them gasped at bit at my brazen behaviour.  Looking directly at a couple of them, smiling devilishly, I opened my lips wide and plunged several inches of the pale yellow treat into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks a bit for added effect.

Laughter ensued.
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4 Responses Sep 8, 2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtuj4lgJ9vw<br />
You have to wait till 3:40 minutes to 'have a banana' but it's there. It all makes perfect sense.

Do you know the joke about how a prostitute eats a banana,a Nun and a housewife?<br />
The prostitute peels it then stuffs it directly in her mouth,the Nun peels it and shyly bites off a tiny bit,a married woman peels it,opens her mouth hesitantly,then slaps the back of her head onto it!<br />
You're lucky you can still play with one,wait till you feel a hairy hand on the back of your head and you're forced to gobble it all the way down.....mind you,you might like it!

Just a joke! I don't force anything either!

O.K.,, that I like "innocent seduction",,,lol<br />
After all,,you are only eating a banana,,,

Always the tease Milky, always :)