I Like Bread and Milk, OK?

Ok, it might sound kinda babyish, but I do enjoy a bowl or mug of warm milk with a few herbs in it, and dipping my sliced wholemeal bread into it. Why am I the only person with this experience? Are there other wordings of it that I have not found? I can't believe I'm the only one! I eat bread and milk quite often. It's an alternative to cereal I suppose. I can make the milk (from powder usually) quite weak for this, as I often do with my porridge. It definitely helps to have a few herbs, or it can get rather boring. I would NEVER use white bread for this.

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I want to get some land in Europe one day, and open the first EP campsite! We can have caravans (trailers) and a big campfire and barbeque area.. somewhere near the Adriatic or the Black Sea I hope. Then all the EPers can come and stay for free! :D

Aww thankyou, my friend! :)) I'm feeling more and more longing to come over there somehow, all my friends in the U.S. and Canada are so good to me.. I want to come and visit you all some day! <br />
I'm not totally sure I would be allowed in to the U.S. though. :/

((long Hugs))

I know you did fine...hearing your stories makes me want to invite you into my house though! The door is open! <br />
<br />
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It's such a cruel world at times.<br />
<br />
Stay strong.

LOL :P<br />
I did fine! Ok, it lacks vitamins but it works! I never did it for long anyway, just on occasions when there was no money andI hadn't discovered skipping (dumpster diving) or there was nothing in there, or just a bit o bread as there sometimes is. i htink I discoverd it when I ws just eating dry bread and cuz its unpleasant/difficult to eat when dry, I;d put water on it or dip t in water and then I'd drink the water anyway! I have also cooked 8pence instant noodles on a hot water pipe in a loft I was secretly sleeping in in a certain type of large old building in the midddle of the city.. that was fun! (sarcasm) <br />
Oh.. but you dont have to cook instant noodles anyway just crush em and crunch em! That's whatI do now, saves you going to the trouble/possible expence and the washing-up!

OH, that is SO sad....I knew that your family abandoned you, but to have to eat bread like that just to feel full......<br />
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I feel sad for you....those memories you have. :(

I like bread and milk!<br />
Ok, when I was dumped by my loving family aged 17, the earliest you can legally do that here. I used to eat bread and then drink lots of water.<br />
The bread closes the sphincter muscle at the end of the stomach, then the water makes you feel full.

your funny,keep it up