I Love To Eat Chalk!

I started eating chalk when I became anemic, about two months ago.  My internist thought my craving would lessen as my iron levels went up.  Maybe it's just too soon (less than a month), but I keep eating MORE chalk, not less.  I just love it, even though it gives me loose stools.  My triggers are kitty litter, sand, concrete, and similar dusty, gritty things.  I crave chalk terribly.  This feels worse than quitting smoking!  I really feel out of control.  I hope someone can talk to me about this.
geysergirl geysergirl
51-55, F
2 Responses Jun 21, 2010

Chalk taste so good.....makes my mouth water just thinking about it....

Hey girl....lets talk chalk :-) Missrott30@yahoo.com