Nothing Better

I would love to be able to eat lots of raw veggies, I love them. However, with the Crohn's raw vegetables tend to make me bleed internally. I can eat fresh fruit, but only rarely if I don't want to hurt really bad. I don't really like potato chips, not to mention that they are incredibly fattening. So, I have found that dry cereal makes a good snack when I get the munchies.
I like Honeycombs, Chex, and Honey nut Cheerios. When it comes right down to it I will chew on just about any cereal that we have. It beats eating something that either acts as sandpaper on my intestines or that makes me gain a pound per bite. You have to admit, every one gets the munchies while watching TV or doing work on the PC. This works for me and I like it.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Nov 29, 2012