Its the Only Way.

I can not stand milk. It comes from cows boobies and tastes nasty.

So I eat my cereal dry.

I love Cheerios...They really are nutritious and delicious, it is blasphemy to taint them with cow juice.   

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I agree, cow's milk is gross, I often eat cereal dry, but when I do want it with "milk" I use sugar-free soy or almond milk.

Goat cheese is pretty good.<br />
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Regarding the cow boobie juice, it doesn't like me. Lactose intolerance is not fun.

I like ghosts cheese. It's spookily delicious!!

OK. this is how you do it. big round bowl, one of your favorites. fill to the top with honey smacks. then fill up with goats milk (which is uber-healthy for you). scoff the smacks as fast as possible cos they don't really matter. Its the honey-smacky tasting left over milk that is the most divine taste out of a kitchen.

Heh, heh! She said, "boobies." :-)<br />
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I like milk, but I don't like soggy cereal. I eat my cereal dry, but usually from a bowl. Though I've been known to grab a handful from the box.