I Know It's Not Good For Me.

I know I lose weight if I eat only at regular meal times and gain weight when I eat in-between meals.  But I just can't help myself sometimes.  Like right now, I want to raid the refridgerator.  Mmm.  Ice cream!
Zarita Zarita
26-30, F
5 Responses Mar 20, 2011

I say you just give in and eat like you know you want to! Raid the fridge daily and eat constantly!

Those things are soooo yummy!

yeah, thanks for the reminder, I have a Blizzard waiting for me!

Lol. What kind? I like cookies and cream any day. Pecan crunch or straight vanilla or strawberry cheesecake are also among my favorites.

Mmmmm thanks Zarita - you just reminded me i have some icecream waiting for me too :) Yummy :0)