Mothers Day

Today's mothers day we came to my moms house for a cook out I've been eating literally non stop all day! I'm so full but the food is sooooo good I ant help myself but eat and eat and eat. My sister said slow down piggy and my mom just went by me and said no honey keep eating there's more to come and squeezed my belly! Like as If she was saying hmmm there's room for more food! She just kept bringing me plate after plate her and my fiancé. It wa crazy! I'm still eating I feel like I'm going to burst! My niece has ate so much but had to stop cause my sister got mad and made her go run around the back yard but as soon as she came in she went straight to the refrigerator and pigged out even more. She's so cute. Well today has been great. My brother was here and was like wow ur huge and patted my belly. His Gf looke at my belly and surprised hmm maybe she like it but doesn't want no one to know so I kept eating and eating she just stared it was so funny!
Gotta go (: I probably gained 10 lbs by the end of the day Hahahahahaha
Foooddd Foooddd
22-25, F
3 Responses May 13, 2012

I love how huge you're getting! Can I get as huge as you?

I love those days where there is not only loads of good food but you are also expected to eat a lot.

Sounds like you are packing on the pounds.