I Think She Likes Me!

Ok so for the first time in about 6 or 7 weeks i went out of the house. But i'm still in my wheelchair so my cousin had to push my 305lb weight all the way to McDonalds. We were meeting my best friend and his sister ( who i have never met) My best friend and cousin are gainers, which is why i'm friends with them, and so I felt as the fattest of the three ( my cousin weighs 280 and my best friend weighs about 200lbs and they are both 13) so I ordered one of my biggest meals as I was pushed in catching stares from loads of people.
I ordered: 5 Large Fries, 40 Nuggets, 3 Angus Deluxes, 2 Crispy Chicken Club Sandwiches and a chocolate milkshake. The others sat down and I began to eat my meal, I wear elasticated sweatpants and a deliberatly tight t-shirt because I love showing my fat to my friends and my shirt rides up to just above my belly button and I saw my bestfriends twin ( Courtney ) glancing constantly at my belly and was wondering whether it was in disgust or if she liked it, I noticed she was quite hot and was about an inch taller than me ( 5,5) and my friend says she weighs about 150lbs. She asked me if i wanted her food as I shook my head and pulled out some change and asked her to buy me some McFlurrys she bought me two and I ate these on the 5 minute walk home to my house. When we got back to mine she asked where the fridge was and i corrected her fridges and said its in my room my moms room and theres two in the kitchen. She brought me chocolate and I said that I wasnt hungry but ate them anyway. I gave 2 bars to her and she asked how I got so fat! I told her about my cousin and how my family is genetically fat and that I love food and hate excersize. She said cool and I asked her why and she was like, I dunno, I just want to know. After I asked my best friend if she was a gainer too and he said maybe cos he'd heard her eating in her room. So I hope shes a gainer and she likes me cos I would love to feed her up
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So, is she a gainer too?

Your stories are great!!

I agree!

Awesome experience!