Healthful Eating

I eat a generally healthy diet. There are absolutely meals and days when I don't but in general, I consider myself to be a pretty healthy eater. Other people regard me as a "vegetarian" (even though I'm not!) and a "rabbit" since I eat so many salads and veggies in general.  It's kind of funny though because whenever I prepare my lunch at work my co-workers are always interested to see what I'm eating, since they think I eat "weird" things like hummus.  I don't mind that they comment on what I eat but sometimes I just want to be left alone! I don't go over to their lunch, wrinkle my nose and ask "what is THAT?!?!"  Well, that's probably because I know what they are eating......and it's not pretty OR healhty! Anyhow, sometimes I feel alone in the world of healthful eating. But then I get on the internet and go to my wonderful food blogs and print out recipes to try and I'm happy again!

LumberJill LumberJill
26-30, F
Apr 24, 2010