I Am So Disgusted Right Now...

So, I eat healthy, and I'm in the right group.  But, this story is about how disgusted I am right now about others' eating habits.

I live with a guy roommate, and he has a girlfriend who comes over on the weekends.  Sometimes I cook for them (healthy, real food), but I have not cooked yesterday or today.  I am so disgusted because I keep watching them eat trash food.  Last night they went out for dinner and brought home a to-go box containing cheese sticks, french fries, and some other fried stuff.  This morning, I found they had microwave popcorn, ice cream, and soda in the middle of the night.  This morning, they went to McDonalds and brought back breakfast.  For lunch, they went to some burger place and brought back burgers, fries, and shakes.  I was already disgusted by this point,  but just 10 minutes ago, they walked in the door with a pizza.  Now, I'm truly, truly disgusted, and I can't help but look at them like "are you Fing kidding me??!!"  How much trash can you possibly put into your bodies and still expect them to run?  Neither of them are obese, just a little chubby, but the amount of processed food they have put in their bodies in the past 24 hours is enough to kill a horse.  How can they possibly feel good?  How can their brains be clear enough to think? What's it like to poop out that junk, or does it just back-up until you're carrying around an extra 25 pounds of waste in your colon?? (a little graphic, but I'm serious).  They look kinda sickly -- sallow skin, dull eyes.  Can they feel the saturated fat pumping through their ever-narrowing arteries? They eat like this every single day of their lives, and I cannot help but look at them like they are full of the **** they have put into their bodies.

I'm not an obsessive crazy about healthy food.  I just eat REAL food, including meat, dairy, with fruits and vegis making up the bulk of my diet.  I avoid processed food because it is not real food but chemically engineered disgustingness.  Oh, sure, on occasion, I will eat a little something processed.  I just find the CONSTANT consumption of processed foods for every single meal to be an abomination. 

I just had to vent.  Thank you for listening. 
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Remember the old saying about leading a horse to water , , , I talked to my old friends for years about their eating habits and they laughed at me. Since then I've buried all of them. I joke about not being able to go back to work (I'm retired) because everyone I put down as references in years past is dead now. So keep it up. You're smart enough to know that fast food is slow suicide.

Update: So, the day after my story, my roommate had some people over for the football game, and he asked me to go to the grocery store with him to get some food. He started loading the cart with cheetos, fritos, flavored chips, jarred dips, soda, deli fried chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, cupcakes... I said, don't you want to put out some vegis and dip, some watermelon, or maybe a big bowl of salad? I offered to prepare these things and suggested that I could also make homemade potato salad. He said, "nah." So, I had to say, "have you completely given-up eating anything healthy", to which he replied sheepishly, "no..." I recited to him what I knew he had eaten over the past 24 hours and told him that is a horrible, horrible way to eat. He didn't really say anything else, so I just shut my mouth. So, his next meal was all of this junk, and then for dinner he finished off the leftover pizza and had another cupcake. What in the world am I going to do with him???

I mainly keep it to myself. No one likes to be preached at (about anything). I do the grocery shopping and always keep fresh vegis and fruits in the house. I bake from scratch, and I cook at least 3-4 meals per weeks from scratch. Thee is nothing more I can do. <br />
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My roommate knows he is eating "junk food", but he just likes it so much that he doesn't care. He also really likes what I cook for him, but I'm not willing to cook all the time. He is incapable of cooking at all. He will microwave something but only if it is already pre-packaged, and he won't even reheat leftovers if he has to portion it out of a tupperware. He only eats vegetables if I put them right in front of him and douse them in cheese sauce. He never snacks on the fresh fruit or vegis that I always have in the house. <br />
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I have no idea what his girlfriend knows or thinks. I don't like her anyway, so hopefully she's on the way out. I cannot imagine why she can't cook him something, because she said she can cook, but she hasn't cooked for him once in 6 months.

Yea, I can see what you mean. That is pretty bad. Do you ever say anything to them to make them think twice about eating that cr*p? Its gonna catch up with them & that will not be a good time.