Trying This Organic Thing. Keyword = Challenge

So I like to think that I eat healthy... but I realize that I tend to be a bit of a free agent when it comes to food rules on the weekends.

Starting today, I am allowing myself sweets should I want them and so forth... but the main thing I am changing is to place an emphasis on all things organic.  I am not going to start wearing birkenstocks or only eating leafy greens, but I realized that it is not as hard as I thought to set out a particular set of guidelines.

I am mixing it up between the organics section at Safeway and Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck in my world ;) ).  I have mixed in a lot of local stuff from the San Francisco Farmers Market up at the Ferry building.  I think I have a good plan.

I guess this isn't a past experience, like so many share here, but I guess I am thinking of this as a now and future experience.

I am going to eat healthy.  I am going the organic / all natural route.  I would love your suggestions, support, ideas and comments.  I hope there are others out there trying the same thing.  There has to be, right? ;)


rainymoon rainymoon
41-45, F
Jun 22, 2009