Eating Healthy Day One

so this is a 14 day challenge.. so interesting that i join this group today as i just ate a piece of sees candy. hahaha..... we are off to a great start!!! maybe i should have started tomorrow.. well the decision has been made and a  blog has been posted...

 i drink water all day long, i have only one iced tea at lunch and i have an occasional soda and i mean occasional as in almost never... as much as i love to have root beer floats i have begun to step away from those yummy.. fizzy.. bubbly.. creamy beverages and into a challenge of 14 days of healthy eating. .so i can kiss my once every 3 month root beer float goodbye this month... as i have committed myself to eating healthy...

i do by organic foods, i am much more of a salad person then a meat and potatoes kind of gal... but i love dressing??

what's constituting as healthy eating? am i suppose to manage my own healthy eating plan and stick to a regimen i find healthy for me or is there a place where i can find eating healthy for 14 days what foods to eat and what foods to avoid at?? 

i did start running a few weeks back and have noticed a more concise view of what my stressors are and how to move away from those stressors into a more productive way of dealing. running has been quite the experience.. i never knew how old my body really was until i started running.. wow i mean knees hurt, legs are cramping and back is sore..

but as i realize that the more i run the less pain i am feeling in my body, my knees are pretty much the only things that hurt these days.. it seems to be worth my while to keep up the running..

so i commit to a 14 day challenge and will post my ups and downs of this challenge 

stuckintheurbans stuckintheurbans
26-30, F
Feb 10, 2010