and its usually on and playing some music while i'm eating her :-)

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
46-50, M
35 Responses Mar 6, 2009

I am pretty sure he's not talking about food ;-) LOL!

i suppose take matters into your own hands? lol

don't know....any suggestions???

uh-oh. whatcha gonna do about that? lol

now i'm freakin' horny LOL

it's a done deal then, partner lol

that sounds fair LOL

LOL! ok 50/50 then.

i'll have to leave it....that wouldn't be worth the embarassment

80/20. take it or leave it, friend lol


sell it? i sure could use some extra money and i know you could too. how about an 80/20 split? sound fair? 80% in my favor, of course LOL

yeah you should....or at least sell it and make a profit of course then you would have to share the profit with me LOL

the address is rick.... i'd better keep it to myself lol

hey now be good jerrica LOL

but for those of us who do know....

i could dazzle you all with my skills LOL <br />
<br />
i think you would have to know my IM address so it wouldn't do most people any good for me to turn my webcam on LOL

yes he is. oops, i just saw it too! lol

Jerrica...That Rick is such a naughty boy! :-) <br />
<br />
PS....Waiting for Rick to turn on webcam, so I can see what he is doing! :-0 Oh my!!!

it's your duty to make us laugh lol

heeheehee very tempting.....give everyone a good laugh LOL

do it! lol

maybe someday i'll just leave the webcam on and people can find out ;-)

somehow i don't think he is PD LOL.

i'll never tell peedee LOL

Your naughty rick! Unless your referring to your food as a "she". LOL :-)

i know lol. but i still talked to you.

i meant on EP ya silly goose

i talked to u, remember? until u had to get out of your truck in detroit and i had to do the laundry lol

yeah right the only messages i got while i was gone were mass mailings of greeting cards LOL didn't even get any story comments or blog comments

that was long enough. we need you here.

i did 2 whole days

naughty boy! i thought u were taking a break?

oops!! i just read some other stories...they meant food didn't they?

some things dont need to be told! LOL