Pati Patni Aur Maggie

We went to Kerala early this year on our HoneyMoon. We were taken to all remote places, all unknown faces but surprisingly I met my childhood friend there, which made me feel home. It was none other than my very own Maggie. It was available at every hill, waterfall, resort, beach and where not, I am glad that Maggie was part of our most of the meals :) Thankyou Maggie for being so Deliocious :) 

phanimaruthi phanimaruthi
1 Response Oct 17, 2010

Ohh!!! What a coincidence. Same thing happend with us too. This year beginning me and my wife have been to Kerala on our honey moon trip. We couldn't find ourselves compatible with the Kerala staple. We started wandering desperately for a Telugu Andhra restaurant. Suddenly we found a stall near a waterfalls where in the Maggie was being sold. Our hearts started pounding and adrenaline flowed throughout our body. We forgot all our food woes. We had a great time eating Maggie. We bought nearly a dozen Maggies and had the same throughout our Honeymoon.<br />
Our honeymoon wouldn't have been so sweet without Maggie. Thanks Maggie !!!