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Eat Me

Damn daddy, I love the feel of yo lips
As they gently pull and tug at my ****..
Licking every orifice, an oral king
Sucking at every crevice, drinking all my cream..

The feel of yo warm tongue
as it slides over my ****
making me moan
making my ***** drip
do it again baby
don't stop
slide yo tongue up and down
and dip it into the warm silky pool
taste and drink all you want
it never runs dry
make me scream with pleasure
hold me on the egde of orgasam

Damn daddy come up for air and gimme a taste
Tongue clean yo face, drink my own juices, lets not waste
Suckle yo way back down to the valley between my thighs..
Bouncing off these four walls, is only our heavy breathing and my breathless sighs.

Damn daddy look up at me I'm bout to nut
Lemme tell you with my eyes, I love you so much
My ***** clenching so tight that it almost hurts..
Back raised off the bed, baby Im bout to squirt...

Aaah the way you eat my *****..You should give classes, let other people learn
Lemme show you my gratidude.. drop yo its your turn

mso5290 mso5290 36-40, F 4 Responses Jun 4, 2013

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Horny poetry!!!!

Love ur story please add

mmmmmmm hot

I am cummin.