I Don;t Know If I Keep My Manners While I Eat

Its been long time that i eat with someone, sometime i feel i am loosing my manners while i eat how i eat and where i eat. same in dressing myself..... choice of colors, i buy cloth and never get a chance to wear them...hahah funny but i guess i have more than 120 shirts that i never used yet 40 pants i never wear yet.....

Let me tell u one funny thing happened to me while i was visiting back home, my sister was getting married and i choose to wear a suit and tie but i can't pick the color or style to match my suit... i was picking the tie which was old style and my cousin laugh at me and at that time i realize what i am loosing , i gain few and lost alot in that time of my life. I wish i can have my those days back.


bravo1125 bravo1125
31-35, M
Feb 12, 2009