I Eat.

I'm seventeen, eighteen in less than a week.  I'm 5'4 and 165 pounds.  I know that's not all that big, but I know I have a problem.  
I eat when I'm bored; it gives me something to do and it makes me happy.  I eat when I'm sad; it cheers me up.  I feel like I like food a hell of a lot more than I like people.  I'd rather sit and home and eat a batch of muffins and a bag of popcorn than go out with my friends and do typical teenage things.  Unless food is involved, I don't go.  
Strangely enough, I had an issue with anorexia for a few years.  But once I regained my confidence in myself,  I just fell in love with food.  I couldn't imagine doing what I did.  I have no clue how I even had the willpower to do it.  
I just feel weird.  
ashbooann16 ashbooann16
May 13, 2012