No Table

I opted not to have a dining room table and made that room into the play area for the kids. They have a small picnic table in the living room that they sit on for meals and I either sit on the floor or the couch. I don't think it's a big deal and sometimes we put a blanket down and call it an indoor picnic.

It's all good

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2 Responses Jul 1, 2009

My "kids" are now 18 and 15. I miss the younger years, but of course I still enjoy them immensely. The younger years, tho, are full of so much laughter and care free freedom. And,for me, it was like having a personal license to just be silly and enjoy with abandon. We actually would move our kitchen table out into the carport in the summer. That provided worry free watermelon eating! So simple to clean up afterwards; a garden hose and a kiddie wading pool (of course full of Mr. Bubble bubbles). To make sure they did learn proper manners, on occasion we would eat "out" at McDonalds and discuss "if you were in a fancy place,"or pretend we were dining with royalty (or we would BE royalty). Simplicity was my rule,tho,when they were younger. I was determined to build happy memories for us to have for life. I felt that they would have enough "grown up" years, as it were, so I milked every second of their younger years for all it was worth. And I don't regret a single second. Enjoy them, enjoy motherhood, we only get the opportunity to raise them once.

I bt you are a great Mom and so much fun!!