Inside Picnics

I love making sandwiches, a gallon of punch, grab a bag of chips, and hosting a little indoor picnic for my nieces.  We put a blanket on the floor, eat our food, play hi ho cheerio, and sing songs.

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4 Responses Jul 7, 2009

You have a good way to go back to the past. Sailors used to do that back in past. They survived. I like that idea of a picnic style lunch an get together. Next time I would like to join in. I know that i cannot be physically be there, but please do me a small favor. I know I am a stranger, and I don't. K now you, and you don't me, but please here me out if you will. Get a small teady bear and pretend it is me. And if you or someone gets mad, just throw me instead of food. I'll never know, besides it not nice to throw food. It just an idea from a strange stranger. Beside I think that I would enjoy your company and your guests too. And also this way I get to meet possible new friends too. It just a strange idea from also strange man. Happy party.!!!

I try.

I bet you are a fun Aunt!!

No I would be outside