Suffer Ye Little Children (as Some Say)

I recently posted my first story for this group some time ago last month. I have decided to share yet another story with the group, from an actual first hand experience I wont soon forget! Ok, so remember when I posted that rant on here about how I did not particularily care for the peanut butter cookie dough? Well, about two weeks ago or less I was in the mood for something sweet, so I finished it off. It tasted pretty good. Well, about two weeks ago I got this terrible pain on the right side of my lower back that just would not cease. The pain was immense, and with every passing day, the pain would just get worse and worse. It would be particularily unbearable toward the middle of the day, after noon, and would taper off only slightly when my bed time arrived. I did not think much of it, until it came down to me not being able to sleep, and I could get comfortable no matter how hard I tried. The pain was immense. I would fall asleep during the day I hurt so bad. Luckily I was on winter break. Thank goodness! So, many restless nights later, I told my mom that I just could not handle the pain anymore, and to please take me to see my doctor. Well, we went, and she checked me. I went to the restroom twice while I was there, and ended up getting sick both times. They advised me to go to the lab and get a blood and a urine test done. My white blood cell count was up just a bit. It took forever to get the results back. When the results finally came back, I was positive for a urinary tract infection. The infection was so severe that I could not keep my food down. Luckily, I did not end up in the hospital. Now, I know you are all probably thinking, what in the heck does this story have to do with cookie dough, and furthermore, lady you're crazy! Lol. I am a tad on the odd side at times, but who does not have their quirks? What this has to do with cookie dough, is last Wednesday, the doctors office called me and told me to please call them back, that they needed to go over something with me that they had overlooked on my results. Before I panicked, I thought calmly to myself that hopefully it was only something minor. I called them back, ready to face my moment of fate, and the nurse told me that along with my urinary tract infection, I had also tested positive for E Coli poisoning! I blamed it on the peanut butter cookie dough, although I am not really sure what caused it. So yeah, this is my story. excruciating UTI, and EColi poisoning to boot, and I am miraculously alive to tell of my infamous tale! I know that sounded a tad dramatic, but at the time I did not know what to expect. I was literally in SO MUCH PAIN I thought I was going to keel over dead. Lol. Will I be cautious when it comes to cookie dough from now on? Ehhhh, I will try ;-)
jUsTaNoThErMaYaNiSt jUsTaNoThErMaYaNiSt
18-21, F
Jan 16, 2012