Reminds Me Of Childhood

I love to cook and bake. Thanks to my Grandma. My Grandma pretty much raised me, along with my Father. So she taught me a lot from a young age. She got me into reading, she taught me to love walking and just being out and about, and she taught me the joys of baking and cooking. Now I love to and can cook just about anything, and bake just as well too. Not to be cocky, but I just enjoy it so much I'm willing to take on a new recipe. In fact, is my go-to website hahaha. I love trying new things. But theres nothing like home made chocolate chip cookies to bring me back to when I was a kid. My brother and I would be in the kitchen, helping Gram, waiting patiently to get a chance to lick the spoon and devour the remnants of the raw cookie dough goodness left in the big mixing bowl. boyfriend and I still do it to this day. And it always takes me back to those good old days when just the simple pleasures of eating raw cookie dough were enough to make your day and the belly ache was worth it. Hahahaha.
Guinevere5290 Guinevere5290
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2012