Between Batches

I love making cookies by hand. The mixer just speeds things up too much and the cookies just don't turn out the same. Besides, I truly enjoy mixing the dry ingredients together; creaming the sugar, butter and eggs and folding it all together. The best part of the whole process thought is eating a spoon full of dough between putting the first and second batches in the oven. The dough is sweet, salty and has such a great texture. I think I enjoy the dough more than the baked cookie!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

My grandma gets on to me for Eatting raw cookie dough. she says it bad for you but I still love Eatting it.. I just can't help myself I'm always sneaking into raw cookie dough

She's not wrong. We could get food poisoning from the raw eggs but I haven't yet. Besides, I just can't say no to my favorite kind of dough. lol