How Can Something So Wrong Be So Right ?

Care for a blob? I have chocolate chip or snicker doodle ....or you can have both. I have NEVER gotten sick from it! Have you? I've licked a lot of beaters...and I'm still alive to tell about it. My favorite is oatmeal raisin. I think I will have some right now! If I die, and I'm not eping tomorrow, thanks for the good times, the hell with it....I'll be JUST FINE !
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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2 Responses Jun 2, 2012

Haha....let's have cake batter!

Ahh...cookie dough. I used to make several batches at once and freeze it in little balls so that all I had to do was pull out a few, throw them in the oven and voila! Warm, soft, gooey cookies. Then I discovered my little frozen treats were disappearing all of a sudden! It was my daughter...sneaking downstairs to the freezer to gobble up all my little frozen goodies. She would give some to her little brother as well, so that he wouldn't squeal on her. So cookie dough can be a wonderful taught my daughter how to share with her baby brother, and she never got sick either! ( I'm more of a cake batter girl, myself. White cake batter.....*drools*) Yum! :)

Wow, I missed this comment, Weekie.... Sorry! Brownie dough is great too. Your kids were lucky to have you baking homemade cookies... Those were your Susiehomemaker years!