Brown Cookies

At christmas time we make a certain kind of cookies in Denmark. I'm not sure they are made in other countries and i couldn't find their name in my danish-english dictionary. They would translate into something like "brown cookies" and they are very delicious. Special ingredients are added to the dough, including syrup, nettles, cardamon and cinnamon. You shape them round and flat and put a halved almond in the middle before you bake them. They are very popular so my mum makes them each year. The problem is that i like them much better when they aren't baked. It's a bit like when people like rare meat instead of having it well done. You can totally fry all the taste and juice out of a good beef if you leave it on the pan too long. I think these amazing cookies that I'm talking about should just be kept out of the oven all together. The thought of that delicate smouldering dough inside my mouth just makes me drool. I think I will ask my mum to put aside my share of the cookies this year and just don't bake them.

småkage, der især bages ved juletid; dejen tilsættes sirup, nellike, kanel og kardemomme, hvilket giver en meget karakteristisk smag
bage brunkager
lave brunkager
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2007

AAAAAAAH I feel like screaming with delight, I am munching on my mother's raw cookie dough right now. This must be the tastiest substenance known to man!

I want the recipe!. To bake them (or not) this christmas.Lol