Dang It!

darn you! to whoever created this group cuz now im so in the mood for cookie dough and making cookes i cant even explain it to you. X_X soooo good...i remember a long time ago, i got a whyole tube of it and ate it with my friend who was also on her period at the time and we watched titanic and cried and ate raw cookie dough together. LOL. we didnt finish it thank god..we only got through like a 1/4 of it cuz it was so..overwhelming...but ya. totally helps girls when they are on the rag. LOL sorry guys! LOL
Br0kenAngel Br0kenAngel
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3 Responses Nov 21, 2007

but it in ice cream and call my a happy camper

seriously. i dont know waht id do without it...it actually boosts my mood and everything. idk im a total die hard turkey hill chocolate chip cookie dough fan...X_X so yum

have you ever had tukey hill cookie dough? its like the absolute BEST ice cream ive EVER had...X_X