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My First Time Eating ****

Ok im a guy, i have been into scat play since id say 8th grade, young teen....I was into scat play for about 2 years until finally ate my own ****.  I started out rubbing **** on body (when no one was home)......panty pooping, i used to steal  my moms panties to poop in them (she had so many panties she wouldnt notcie if some were missing) day i got home was really horny for some scat play...went into the shower (my normal scat spot)....dropped a big dump and started playing, rubbing, smearing on my *** , chest, my ****...i had about a log left...i was covered in ****, very it was great soo i did it, face frist with my mouth i put my face in the log a started chew...i puked everywhere in the shower, i hated it, now i had a mess to clean up, i gave up on scat sex for about a mouth, until one day i said **** messy, eat my ****, didnt puke i was glad i was able to keep it down...ever since then ive acruired a taste for **** i love it soo the house to myself 2night, gonna eat alot of fiber, and fruits, i hear it makes ur poop taste sweeter, if anyone knows if it dose plzz tell me thanks boys, and Cheers!
arpooper arpooper 18-21, M 8 Responses Mar 18, 2011

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Man, I jerk off, reading your story, I would love if we can have some chat, I use skype, oovoo, nd viber, do u use any

Oh boy - That was horny as **** - Tks for sharing *****

- Your first mistake was chewing it.<br />
- First time chewing is a No No !<br />
- You should have left the log in your mouth for a few seconds to get used to it.<br />
- Many people may get nauseous or vomit<br />
the first time.<br />
- Then after a few seconds, then swallow.<br />
- My first time experience was swallowing. NO nausea or vomiting !<br />
- Got hooked after that.<br />
- My first time experience was a girl dumping her Brown Delight<br />
in my mouth.

Would really enjoy that....wish we could make it happen. Would love to be "forced" under my rimseat and then have your anus pressed against my open mouth.

I have only eaten a little of mine. I prefer to eat have their anus directly against my mouth as they give me their treats....and give me no choice but to consume.

i would love to have your mouth against my anus you would be fed a good healthy balanced diet, but you would also be given a wide range of treats, which you would be made to consume.

Sounds have to "encourage" me to lie under my seat as I get scared knowing what is coming....but with encouragement and the intimacy and humiliation I do as told.

I always need to be encouraged to get under a rimseat....but once there always try to please.

owe yes thats the best

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Eat fruits with low acid in them, like grapes, apples, and melons. Also a good healthy diet with less meats and fried foods. Makes **** taste good. Meats and fruits with a lot of acid in them make **** taste very bitter.

Mmmm gorgeous. I have worked myself up to eating my own long firm chocolate log now. I suck it like a c++k first then slowly open my throat and feel it slide down. Anyone wanna eat my log? Message me : ) x

its hard to swallow but I can do it

It tasted greats, thanks, i highly recommneded