I have been eating so much lately! I never go outside because its freezing where I live, I always buy the fattening and sugary foods in the store and I always over-stuff myself. I've gotten so big this winter and I eat until my belly starts to hurt. I am looking quite obese and fat these days, I'm wondering if ill ever be the same. I am starting to get out of breath when a walk up the stairs and my family has been eyeing my big belly more often. My friends don't care much but they do see I have gotten much fatter and eat a lot more then we go out. I can't stop eating!!!
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I love se fat beautifull belly henging 😊

Hehehe eating is a good thing 😄

And how does all this eating make you feel?


Eating a lot of heavy and caloric food, then gain weight in the winter season works for me also.

I found this diet, or that diet, and I try them out. Without fail, I go back to my old habits! I walk down to the local convenience store (only a couple blocks away), and get my favorite snacks and candy. *sigh* I can't seem to help it when I "get the munchies" and really just want to divulge. Especially "as a treat" for something or during a "special day" which seems to happen more often lately. I'm almost 300 lbs ... and I'm worried about my health.

I love the sound of you getting fatter and I want to help you get to my size of 350 lbs

Or bigger then me if your up for it

That's a cool offer! I need help just to get to 275, but wow 350 is huge!

Really cause everybody that sees me thinks I weigh 300

I'd like to weigh 275 to 300. Want to help me get there?

Try eating deli food from the gas station and of corse little moving and have plenty of deserts ;)

Don't worry, I'm a work in progress.
I'm a long distance coach driver so I don't see myself shrinking any time soon! ;-)

Wow your a coach driver? Must be a small world lol I'm a stuck driver... Well a bus driver at the moment. I love driving and seeing new places

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You definitely need to eat more!