So as you all know the week I reached 250 was a big moment for me ha. At the buffet I started with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with fudge and other toppings and it was so yummy! I over did it with the chocolate syrup and managed to get some on my white top, I was so embarrassed because not only did I start my eating dessert first but I already became a pig at the restaurant. My friends said it was okay and one of my friends offered to lend me a shirt before we left. So back to my big stuffing I had 4 pancakes drenched in syrup and butter, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, a chesse chesaqueda, ham, 5 big glasses of coke, and a piece of blue-berry pie and angel cake for my dessert. I was pretty stuffed after my meal but still helped out a few of my friends with their leftovers. My belly was bloating and swollen and I got a few more stains on my shirt. I looked like a total cow. We were heading out to a club afterwards so my friend let me borrow a shirt she had and I changed in the bathroom. My friend waited for me and she is also big but not as big of belly as me so the shirt she let me borrow rode up a little, exposing my tummy. I didn't bother me because dancing around in the club my belly gets exposed anyway. My friend apologized for it not fitting, but I laughed and said I would be surprised if anything fit me. So this is where my buffet dinner stops, although I did sneak out some rolls to eat later:) let me know if you want me to post my time at the club:)!!
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Please do post your time at the club! :)

Can you describe how this turns you on? Sounded great!

Sounds like you're quite the piggy

Thank you:)

love the story, you should have went back, i would have

Totally post, I'd be down for hearing about it!

Please post about it :)

yeah, your club adventure sounds sexy.

I'd like to know what happened at the club. I'm surprised you could move after eating all that.

I'm interested in how things go at the club.... I would've been super tired after eating all of that