No Matter How Long Or Short The Grain

I love white rice,  Of course, I love how it aborbs flavors and changes depending on what it is served with.  When it's fresh and hot, there is a sweet nuttiness to rice, and each type of grain has a different smell and flavor.  I prefer it without seasoning, without butter, and steaming, out of the pot.  Once it gets cold, I like to pack it as the base of my lunch with any leftovers from dinner -- instead of a sandwich.  It microwaves so much better than bread for a great work-day lunch without having to go out.

Shortgrain rice is stickier and great for risotto and sushi.  Longer grain rice is less starchy and I enjoy the fragrant long grained jasmine rice for the smell alone.  I even like risotto made with either long or short grain rice, as plain as it can be with oil or butter, perhaps an onion and garlic, and made with water.  Mmmm!

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5 Responses May 16, 2010

just bought a 10kg sack of kokuho rose (yellow) for $9.99 a sack at the local chinese market. as noted, i also like to make risotto with japanese rice ... i make it with any rice, come to think of it. had sushi for lunch today. how did sushi get so complicated in fusion joints??

The short and medium grain goes great with stir-fry especially if there is soup<br />
It amplifies the taste

more than double, here in Fl it's $17 today!

i love that brand too, kayaker. rice has gotten so much more expensive lately, have you noticed that? i used to be able to buy a 20 lb bag for $7, but now it's no less than double.

My favorite is Japanese medium grain ( grown in Calif) called Kokoho Rose.