At First I Was Afraid


I was petrified, kept thinking I would have no idea what to order when given all those choices. But now I know how wrong I was, Subway is a dream I never knew I had. The food is relatively healthy, the options are many, and the service is efficient in ways Burger King and Mc D's could never aspire to.

I am talking about New Zealand in particular, Subway has only been here since about late Nineties...but the first time I ordered was last year when I saw the line was clear and so wasn't fearful that I would hold people up with my inexperience.

What a fool I was! They have lists of every option, breads and sauces and vegetables...its all so optional. I don't remember how I courted Subway, whether it was sudden love or slowly growing affection, I just know that these days I eat it for lunch every day unless there is a good reason to go elsewhere. I can pop online, put and order through (or txt) and ran down the road to pick up my ready-made Sub. The Man who serves me knows me by name and order , always smiling and pulling my Sub out so that I can push easily to the front of the line, pay my way, swipe my loyalty card, and walk on out while others wait in the long lunch line.

Now, I know you are wondering what my favourite Subway is…Well here you go- I choose the chicken Fillet with extra bacon and vegetables. I typically take three cookies, two M&M and one Choc-chip.

Mmmm, I love subway…so good, keep thinking I could never live without Subway on my side.

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7 Responses Jun 28, 2007

I found it...compelling.<br />
Ah, you're a lightbulb now, but that kitten was so cute.

Since the nineties! Sheesh! Next you'll be asking if we have Mcdonalds (We Do) Burger King (We Do) KFC (We Do) or Taco Bell (We Don't).<br />
Mello, it's good to know the behind the scenes are as good as they look. I was put off KFC by stories of frozen rats.

They have Subways in New Zealand?

Imagine how cheap it would be if we just made our own.

Every now and then, I go without breakfast and eat little for dinner, so that for lunch, I can get a turkey, avocado, lettucce,tomato, sandwhich with jack cheese. I bring along some fresh basil to add to it and UMUMUMUMMMMM!<br />
<br />

Unless I stock up on cookies, which I do often.<br />
Mmm...Subway... Eat fresh.<br />
To be honest, I havn't gone once in the last two weeks. Shame on me.

When it comes to choices about healthy sandwiches, Subway always comes to mind. You nailed it with your descriptions. I enjoy the fabulous arrray of choices and lack of guilt or excess calories.<br />
<br />