Once I Like Something Thats All I Want

I've been like this for years. Its not bad when its healthy things like peanut butter sandwiches and applesauce like in 1995. But right now its cinnamon buns, slimfast bars(hey theres a lot of 30%'s on the nutritional information...two a day is 60%!) and spicy ramen. Fat sugar and sodium. Someone compose my obituary quick!
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4 Responses Mar 21, 2012

i agree totally, ive read a lot of your sgtories but if i commented on each i would die before i finished :), i really like your work and i hope you will add me and we can chat soon :)

Here lies Honey Bun once known as KittyChanel, passed away because she was peanut buttered up the wrong way too many times, if you knew her she was the salt of the earth even if that was sodium ba<x>sed and could be saucy. Her life was not a cake walk by any stretch of the imagination, but we loved her and cherried her when she was with us on the serving dish of life.<br />
Bless her. Now...place her on the fanciest doylie above but amongst the Saints of Bake.

Story says it was posted 12/31/1969???!!! <br />
Don't think you were even around then.

i hear you! i get the same about foods.... my current favourite is (thankfully) hearty green salads full of brassicas, onion, nuts and even the occasional citrus with balsamic olive oil dressing... i eat this meal on it's own or as a side dish with dinners, lulz. <br />
<br />
also had a craving for milk biscuits for a few weeks and then moved on to toasted muesli... i hope i stay away from the less healthy options though... a few years ago all i wanted waz m&ms and coke... heh, wazn't too good for my health or the teeth.