Chips And Fruits

People think it is weird when I eat chips (the dry junk food one) and fruits. For me, I like to have the contrast of saltiness and sweetness. Of course I do not put them at the same time in my mouth. I will eat a slice of chips, then a slice of fruit. Chips, fruits, and so it goes...
For me it is not too weird, because it makes me feel healthier too. The badness of junkfood is neutralised by the goodness of the fruits. Or so is my theory.
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Its so cute let the ppl think whatever they want thats not your prob bt thr you keep on enjoying your food

I'm always putting some raisins with chips!! So it's not even weird food combinations!! I think one of weird food combination is put some cheeses and ketchup on rice! It's really weird isn't it? Or put Wooster sauce plus red wine entirely on bread. How about this? put gravy on a cake

This is funny;
do what you want!

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It's not weird. I've seen much worse!<br />
<br />
Just eat in moderation =)

I do the same thing with fruits and cheeses. Yummm.

hmm never done it but fruit cheese is really yummy :)

After have had several sinus infections and 2 surgeries I have been left with only 2 taste buds. One for sweet and one for salt. With my weight issues neither of these is good. So I eat a lot of healthy foods I can't taste until I get so frustrated then I binge on sweet and salt. I laughingly tell people I could go for a dill pickle dipped in chocolate, but actually it is true.

I do similar things with salty and sweet like ice cream and pickles...