I used to dip apple slices in ketchup.

I like eating chocolate cake while drinking orange juice.

I've mixed chocolate syrup and mustard together to dip pretzel sticks in.

There have been, and are, countless other things, none of which I can remember. I've never understood the point of always following certain food combinations, and avoiding others. If I want to eat something, I'll eat it. If something else sounds good at the same time, I'll eat that too. **** normalities.

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eggs and jelly on bread<br />
cream cheese and jelly on waffles

oysters and kutchup or with oysters and onion rings! That stuff is amazing : )

Try vanilla ice cream with hot nacho cheese sauce...Yummy

I like peanut butter on rye toast which everyone else in the family tells me is weird. I also like chocolate and cream cheese together and they used to sell a candy at a store near my house called chocolate cheese creams which I absolutely loved.

To each it's own. I love ice cream with bread

apples and ketchup FTW. I can never convince anyone to try it.

sounds just like me. i love cream cheese on pizza and mashed potatoes rolled up inside bologna.. the list goes on.

actuelly,I do not like mustard at all.<br />
However, so many love it

AAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! NO!!! WHAT?! NOOOO!!! How...?! UGH! I do respect your right to choose, but UUUUGGGHHHH!!! I can't believe it!

peanut butter and cheese is great.........grilled cheese with maple syrup.........coffee ice cream with maple syrup

personally i really dont like peanut butter and balogna, and yes i have tried that.............banana and mayonaisse sandwiches are great!!!!! potato chips and chocolate........dip french fries in strawberry milkshakes

I like chocolate chip cookies or orio cookies with orange juice, and green grapes with cherieos and my 2 son's liked skittles in garlic butter and dipping bacon or sausage in syrup. I think everybody likes weird things.

Chicken's blood... that is something I'd prefer to never try, haha.

ara, the first comment is when i didn't read all of the other comments.<br />
<br />
bet when i did...some are disgusting...but the others are brilliant!!! LOLs<br />
<br />
and chocolate and orange actually isn't weird. cheifs actually mix the two. <br />
<br />
try eating cooked chickens blood with some rice mixed in. here in the Philippines it is concidered a delicacy and it acually taste okey. but its only a sugestion of course.<br />
<br />
eating roaches? hell no, they're so sticky and slimy when you accidently touch them. <br />
<br />
but frogs taste like chicken...promise!!!

wow and i thought i was the only one.LOLs<br />
<br />
ever tried mixing crab and corn soup with fried fish flakes and rice? they thought it was dog food and some of my friends almost puke when i ate it.<br />
<br />
um...how about pineappel with fish sauce?

Mm, true. I still wouldn't eat it.

I don't eat meat. =p

Black pepper in exorbitant quantities is always amazing.

I would eat that.

I try. =p

Weird food combinations.<br />
<br />
Way to stick it to the man.

Oh gosh, that is wonderful. Especially salt and vinegar potato chips with chocolate.... it's fantastic.

I love to eat salty potato chips with a chocolate chip cookie. :) MMMMMMMMMMM

Peanut butter and saltines downed with ice tea sounds incredible. The eggs and pickles... it doesn't sound so great, but I wouldn't be opposed to trying it. Oyy, that's so horrible, to lose taste buds like that... but at least you learned to like cucumbers and tomatoes. Those are wonderful. =]

Fried eggs and chopped sweet pickles. Peanut butter and Saltines downed with Ice Tea. Once when I contracted Strep, I developed Anosmia. It's a condition that can change or even destroy your perception of smell and taste. For months, beef tasted like mud. Seven-Up tasted more like another less tasty yellow liquid (at least that was what my brain thought) The odd thing was I learned to like Cucumbers and Tomatoes which I had previously detested. It's all in the wiring.

I have yet to get sick from any of them, thankfully.

Did any of you get sick later?

Have any of these weird combinations made any of you sick?

Hahaha, actually... if I ate meat, I'd be willing to try that. It doesn't sound so horrible.

Nothing to feel ashamed .I like the weird food combinations too,what do you think about my personal favorite...a ham sandwich with melted black chocolate :)

Milk is disgusting.

I LOVE chocolate cake and orange juice, like since I was a kid. Milk is gross.


As for the other combinations though.. FREAK! >=D

Oh yes. Chocolate and orange is fantasmic.

Ooh I love mixing anything chocolatey and orangey together! I always drink orange juice when I'm eating cookies/chocolate cake. YUMMY.

Onion and honey actually does sound quite good. Spicy noodle and soy milk.... hmm. And peanut butter and pickle is.. impressive. Very, very odd. I wouldn't be afraid to try it, though. Ha, peanut butter and bologna sounds horrid... but I hate bologna. =p

fried peanut butter and bologna sandwiches... yummy......

Got one for you! Peanutbutter & sweet pickle sammiches! Yeaaahhh boyyyyy!

You are a male pregnant ha ha...lol

I love peanut butter and american cheese sandwiches (:

I haven't tried those, but they actually sound strangely appetizing. =p

Mm... that sounds excellent.

i love eating chocolate cake with orange juice!<br />
i also like pairing orange juice with chocolate chip cookies.=]

Wow those combinations are definitely weird! I love it that you are adventurous and eat what you like though! :D Thank you for sharing!

Yes... oddities are wonderful.

ahhh thought i was only me... blu cheese and gingerbread; cream cheese bagel with bacon, even mix the flavors at the frostie machine... lol