Some May Call It Weird I Call It Delicious!

i love these topics that happen right on time. I just recieved in the ups shipment  1 gallon of pickled herring and one jar of hot horse radish and the best of all a gallon of pickled turkey gizzards! OMG! IF you have never had well done pickled gizzard you dont know what your missing! I have to admit its one of those foods you either love or hate no in between. In thailand they are considered a huge delicasy.  They are pretty hard to find but if ya know where to look they are available. I get mine out of wisconsin. A little company that specializes in pickled meats and pickled eggs and vedgitables. So many people miss great foods because they cant get past the name or what it is. What i find odd is what do they think we who love odd foods do it just to mess with them? no we love the stuff because its delish!  with in reason always try lifes simple pleasures it will only hurt for a second and you might find it to be awesome!  and lets be honest folks if you knew half of what ya put in your mouth now its much worse unless your a real puritan.

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i'm with you! i'll try anything at least once, because otherwise you'll never know what you're missing.

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Great stuff when I was younger did my bushtucker trial in Oz ate all weird and wonderful stuff.<br />
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I love the way u talk it.

I do like to eat pretty weird stuff, the weirder the more I want to try it! I love pickled garlic and pickled eggs. MMMM I've had pickled bologna too. Not my favorite but it was good. I have eaten weird stuff like rabbit hearts and squirrel hearts (and the whole thing actually). That stuff is pretty good!

Pickled herring seems to be popular all over. Gizzards are pretty much a rarity. I could only find one place left that still makes them in wisconson. The company makes all types of pickled items from polish sausage to eggs. Good Stuff!