Mustard and French Fries

honestly, sooooo many people think this is weird! i don't like ketchup, so i always eat fries with barbecue sauce or mustard. mustard is my condiment of choice. i put it on many things: pretzels, carrots, bagels, chicken fingers, even pizza! i get a lot of strange looks for that one. i love mustard, and make no mistakes, the good old cheap yellow stuff is my favorite!

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omg i hat ketchup too and i like eating my fries with barbecue sauce

English mustard with beef hula hoops [=

mustard on pizza is amazing, especially with pastrami or something. and gherkins!

I really only considered doing this after seeing it in Sling Blade. Where has this combination been all my life?

Me too! I don't like the ketchup or chilli that comes with fries (or wings, or nuggets, etc) so I always get them to give me curry or bbq sauce or mayonaise instead.

It's pretty tasty... I like Tartar Sauce on fries too! ^__^

well, well, looks like i've really started something here, yes? lol, i'm not familiar with that song, i'll have to check it out!<br />
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yay, another barbecue sauce fan! it is really a great combo!

Mustard on fries? Hmm... I recently got into country music, so I'm reminded of that song by Eric Church, "Love Your Love The Most," in which he imparts, "Yes, I love a good cold beer / And mustard on my fries." So it looks as though this may be a new trend!<br />
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For my money, I like the part about putting barbecue sauce on fries. That's how I love my fast food fries, anyway. :D

mmmm, i love it! mustard goes with just about anything, if i do say so myself! ;)

now THAT sounds delicious!

I have never tried that and it seems i should I also like to put some mustard cheese sandwich and also put some rockets and capers too :P

ooh yay, another mustard fan! :)<br />
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another thing i like it on is scrambled eggs. people find that extremely weird, but i find it yummy. :P

I love mustard too and usually put some mustard beside the fries. Yummy! :P

oh, that's awesome! i was the same way, i just assumed everyone did it, and then to my surprise, i was the only one!<br />
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i like to mix mustard and hot pepper relish. i'll put it on sandwiches, first a la<x>yer of mustard followed by a nice helping of pepper. the red and yellow does look awesome together! :)

I do that too! When I was a kid I didn't understand why nobody else did it too.<br />
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But I would also tend to mix my mustard and ketchup together. It looked pretty and I liked the taste.

it might sound odd, but really it's very good! :)

hmm....interesting combo

oohh, thousand island is another one of my favorites!!!! thanks for reminding me of that, i actually should buy some soon! yumm! :)<br />
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mmmm, those english and german mustards sound delish. i do like some of the fancier kinds (forgive me for not remembering all the names!) although yellow is the one i usually have on hand. i like to try new ones as well, though.<br />
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i have tried wasabi before, it's awesome! i love the spiciness! :D

mm . mustard duz rock ! :D . altho i luv tamato sauce too , swo i jus kinda pour everything on tha fries *lol* . including 1000 islands sauce *lol* :P<br />
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my favrite mustard tho , tendz to b english or german , and by tha teaspoons ! :D mm . if u hav tha chance do try sum like that ! :D its interesting heehee :D<br />
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ooh ! . wasabi is a japanese mustard ! :D it also duz tha same thing as english or german mustard ! :D

what good taste you all have!<br />
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and yellow is still the best. it's cheap and it's yummy, the way food should be! :)

Yeah, i like em that way too.

mmmmm, this is making me hungry!

haha, i've been eating it like that for years, it's awesome! i know what you mean, most people won't even think about trying it on pizza or eggs. i love it on both!

ooh me too, the thicker the better! i'll put a really thin la<x>yer of ham, and then tons of mustard!

As a vegetarian one of my favourite sandwiches is ham and mustard ....without the ham! (And I love it spread REALLY THICKLY).

ha, see then, i'm not crazy! everyone thinks my love of mustard is so weird. but now i know i am not alone! :)