At Buffets.

If I go to let's say, Golden Corral, I will get on one plate: Fried chicken, bourbon chicken, a slice of pizza and a steak.  I'll also get a plate of macaroni and cheese, strawberries, and fried okra.  Now, when I am presented with a large array of food, I become overwhelmed, and therefore lose my appetite.  So I end up taking about one bite of each thing.

At desert time, I'll have cookies, pudding, a piece of whatever cake they have, and ice cream sundae and a brownie or rice krispy treat if they have it.  Once again, I don't eat it all, I take a few bites of each and sneak the rest into ziploc bags in my purse to take home.  LOL!

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I love buffets because of all of the variety! I usually try to get a little bit of everything I like.

Haha! Maybe I should because I know how to time it and everything. I watch the waiters, I know exactly when to go and where to sit lol

Yeah my mom always buys a box for me if she knows we're gona go. Lol! Then we go to the restaurant at non crowded times.

lol, i'm a syrup freak too! once for my birthday my friend got me this syrup sampler kit that had 6 different kinds, because i drown pancakes, waffles, and other syrup friendly foods in it!

Lol! When I go with my family, my brother makes a damn syrup soup on his pancake plate. I seriously doubt he tastes the actual pancakes cause they're drowned in syrup.

Well there is just so much selection. You can't possibly go and get "matching" foods!

ooh, that sounds yummy! i am the same way at buffets. i always eat the weirdest combos, because i want to have many different things while i'm there. i say the rule of buffets is: the weirder the better! :)

Well, when I forget my ziplocs I always wrap my cookies in napkins lol

Yep! Thats why I love the fact that I have a big purse. I can swipe cookies and stuff from buffets. But I've never tried the syrup one! Haha!

It really is a good place because of all that variety. The steaks are good too.

i love golden corral. its my husbands fav. restaurant

LOL! My fiance is jealous cause we have waffle houses on every corner.

Oh I've seen that show, I love it!<br />
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I live in North Carolina. We have lots and lots of great BBQ around here.

LOL! Yes I am a southern belle!<br />
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It's just breaded and fried okra.<br />
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It's really good. Just like fried squash.

HAHA! I am so thrilled I finally found someone who does the same thing as me!<br />
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My family always getes so embarrassed and looks away, they make fun of me. My mom buys me ziploc bags if we're going, and then everyone takes orders! <br />
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I always have a big purse so by the time I leave I have steaks, cookies, brownies, those delicious yeast rolls, anything you can think of!