Really Odd Combinations

Well I like eating chocolate syrup covered very buttery popcorn.

And if i have a craving for cheese and i can't have any i find that chocolate will satisfy this craving and vice versa. I also find that i sometimes have a craving for chocolate after i have eaten cheese and vice versa.

I know really weird eh?

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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

i always mix junior mints into popcorn at the movies! chocolate + mint + butter + salt = heaven. :)<br />
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lol, jrabbit, i'm like your son, only i eat pizza with mustard instead of ketchup and fish sticks with salsa instead of sour cream!

For years when I go to the movies, I get extra butter popcorn and snowcaps, and then mix them together. That salty, sweet and buttery flavours are fabulious. My daughter now does the same thing.<br />
My son used to dip scittles in melted butter, another one was when he would dunk his pizza into ketsup and his fish sticks in sour cream.

Why not cover a tramp in chocolae and have both ?.