Late Night Snack

I am just a weird person, I keep odd hours, listen to weird music and eat weird food.  One of my favorites... Grilled cheese sandwich with a little garlic salt and parmesean cheese sprinkled on the bread so it's kinda like texas toast made into a grilled cheese sandwich.. not so bad right?  but I eat that with a bowl of cereal.  Thanks to Jack-in-the-box I know I'm not alone, why else would you be able to order mystery meat tacos, egg rolls, and a sausage sandwich at 3pm... Although I don't like the sausage sandwiches.. that's just too much, I usually just stick with the egg rolls... those things are like crack! but I dip them in the BBQ sauce lol.  

Now my friend and I came up with a new one, on a late night snack binge lol we had eaten Innovasians General Tso's chicken and there's tons of sauce left and we randomly decided to dip cheese in it lol it was really good! then he tried it with peanut butter on the cheese lol it was SO good... but another odd combination lol

BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
31-35, M
Apr 30, 2009