I Need to Stop!

I am a stress eater.I feel the need to eat when I am bored or stressed.It's like some uncontrollable urge comes over me and overtakes me and I begin to eat even though I may not be hungry.When I am eating I have a good feeling,but when I am done I feel guilty about the large amounts of garbage that I have just consumed.

I am overweight and really need to stop this behavior but it is a very hard habit to break.I may need therapy to find other ways to cope with being bored and stressed.

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5 Responses May 13, 2008

I'm always starting a diet then fall off the wagon. When I eat something I should't something seems to come over me that I can't control and start to eat masses of food that I wouldn't normally choose. I know it's because I have broken my diet and my compulsion is to eat as much as I can before I start the diet again next day. I have been told to stop dieting to break this cycle but I only feel good about myself when I am counting calories and keeping to my daily allowance.

I am there.. Always have been, Eat when I am stressed, or after the stress is over, or when I am bored, or when I am procrastinating, etc...etc..etc....

The kids don't need to be eating for recreation either. Buy them some fruit.

Yes that makes a lot of sense but I ate a plate of seasoned fries tonight I didn't really want them I just needed to be doing something.Stuff like that I buy for the kids and I don't really like them.The things I know I will go overboard with I actually don't have in the house,Pizza,Ice cream,banquet fried chicken,frozen white castles etc. I will try to do something else when I feel like eating.

Try & replace it with another behavior. Maybe when you get bored or stressed, you go for a walk or call somebody. Stop, breathe, and say (out loud) "I can make another choice."<br />
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Also, don't keep junk in the house. If there's crap in the house, I will eat it. I called myself being healthy yesterday, buying a box of 100-calorie cookie packs. I ate all 6 of them mugs in one day. So I know those can't come back here again. One time I ate a whole bowl of Cool Whip.<br />
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Guess what I ate tonight? 1/2 watermelon. MUCH better.