Body Dismorphic Disorder

In the beginning of my junior year of high-school, I began having chronic anxiety attacks. I was always anxious and upset, the only thing that could comfort me was food. Around halloween, I couldn't stop eating chocolate. I started to notice how much I was actually eating and how I put on 2 or 3 pounds, that started to bother me so much, one day I just stopped eating unhealthy and became obsessed with my diet. Now when I have a cheat meal or 2 I go crazy and have a panic attack. I automatically think I'm gonna gain weight over everything. I've even become addicted to working out. I barely have time to hangout with my friends because I'm so concerned about what id be able to eat or when id be able to workout. I see myself in a completely different way than everyone else doeeep down I know eating unhealthy for a few days won't make me fat, but in that moment in time I feel huge and like I've gained all that weight back.
lizzzzard lizzzzard
18-21, F
Apr 18, 2012