Eat When Bored

I have done this all my life and now that I want to loose it my meds. wont let me and I dont eat al much any more but the weight just stays therre lost 25 lfs. but no more so far havent gained it back but I want to loose at least 85 more. Guess I can dream its been like this for so many years I just dont think about it any more and stay away from Mirrors LOL Have to laugh so I dont cry

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11 Responses Jun 21, 2008

I'm thinking pasta..all kinds. Mac and cheese. Soft cheese spreads..delish! Every pie is soft but pumpkin has lots of vitamins.Sweet potatoes in brown sugar.Rice dishes are good.I like cottage cheese and peaches.

oh thank you I finally have learned to love me as I have been like this all my life and at 69 Im not looking to change now LOL

Love are my sight.

its been hard but jello, pudding, eggs, canned fruit, canned veg and raw, oranges, ice cream, soups, canned dinners,strawberries, raspberries and some crackers and a sandwich once in a while. Im so tired of what to get any more Im about at the point of stopping everything if they dont do something tuesday when I see the doctor for the pain enough sob stories I am fine but looking for ideas from any one please thanks friends

what do you buy to eat..we might think of some new choices.

Im really over weight but I can only eat soft foods now and its so hard trying to think of new things. I cant chew any more burned gums and tongue from raw nerve

I was talking to someone about peanut butter and almost went out to buy some. Friday I talked to another person about pumpkin pie..nearly bought one today.Chocolate was a hot topic yesterday.I went to Wal Mart today and wanted all that stuff. I passed it by and wanted it so much! Wish I could sit and enjoy treats.I gain weight too fast. I have sugar free cookies.They still have calories but it is a treat..blah

oh I am on all different hours like 3 am 11 pm 5 am and then all day if I sleep good but am here so keep writing. Im about to find something for lunch supper but I dont leave for long

I just ate some stupid cookies! stay online later..some of us are on 3 hours later then you...just a thought, Dear Silver.

as long as I stay at the computer I dont eat its after I turn off about 3pm that what out here I come LOL

Yes stay away from reflections, it's better that way sometimes.