Eating Food to Pass the Time

When I am around people I am usual fine with food and what I eat, but when I am by mysef fo rlong periods of time I get fidgety and feel like I need to eat something. Usually it's a bowl of ramen noodles or a peanut butter sandwich. But I feel so weird about this because I only get this feeling of needing to eat something even when I am not hungry only when I am alone. Also, when I am feeling down or angry, I eat salty or sweet foods. Break ups or fights usually trigger these cravings, but also when I think about losing weight, I get depressed and choke down a bowl of cereal of some fries. Counterproductive huh?
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

Story of my life!

Story of mine too!

I've done this a few times as you can tell from my avvie. :P

This is exactly like me. You're not alone in doing this. I don't know why I do this but I know it has something more to do than just eating food when I'm alone. I'm thinking its because I can't sit with myself because I really don't like who I am. When I am with people I don't feel this way because I am trying to show them that I am a different person than who I am. Incidentally, I end up forgetting about not liking myself. Just my theory, not sure.